Welcome to the leading DDOS For Hire serivce on the market! We offer a wide range of ddos tools, this involves Layer 4 and Layer 7 with unique methods.

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Who are we?

DDOSForhire.cc is a IP Stresser that provides ddos service that consist of excellent power and methods! Here is some key points about our service!


We offer a wide range of methods that ensures to take down any target the user desire to take down!


We offer API for our customers for own purposes.


We log no data to ensure our customers privacy!


We provide 24/7 hours support for all of our users!


By using our service, we offer our customers to stressthem any targets. That being said, our stresser will down any layer 4 and layer 7 targets. Our booter also provides free booter hub, that let's the new registered users use our free ddos section to test our power.


Click on the following link to reach out to us! Telegram